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The Pediatrics Survival Card is a title first authored by Dr. Dressel in 1993 only a few months after the first edition of the NICU Card. It also has been evolving ever since then and has become a very useful tool for clinical pediatricians. It is a compendium of 85 of the most used medications in the pediatric clinic along with dosage ranges and intervals. Alerts are present when critical and appropriate. It's based on Harriet Lane.
  • A quick reference and review of clinic pediatric medications and dosages. Its extreme value has been taken to an even higher as Harriet Lane has become the primary, book reference for peds meds.
  • Its boxes are color coded for easy identification of the type of medication, e.g. pink for cardiac drugs.
  • Its last box (#86) contains 6 of the most commonly used formulas by clinical pediatricians.