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The NICU Survival Card is a title first authored by Dr. Dressel in 1993. It has been evolving ever since until it became such a useful tool for NICU staff that it finally was given the superlative 'Ultimate' in 2010 with it now printed for a 4th addition. It is a compendium of 67 of the most used medications in the NICU along with dosage ranges and intervals. Alerts are present when critical and appropriate. It features:
  • A quick reference and review of NICU medications and dosages. Its extreme value was taken to an even higher lever once NeoFax was moved to the digital world with hard prints copies selling for as much as $500!
  • The AAP/Bhutani graph of bili levels vs time as well as recommendations for levels to start phototherapy for both term and perterm babies.
  • Formulas that are used almost daily for preemie care. 
  • Some general information such as calculating ETT size, graph for line placement, initial vent settings