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About the 2017 Neonatal Resuscitation Survival Card
        A little info about the new look of the  2017 Neonatal Resuscitation Survival Card.:We wanted to make some changes to the algorithm used by the AAP's NRP algorithm. The AAP asked us not to call our updated card "NRP" because those initials actually designate  not only the algorithm but the training program itself. We saw the logic in their request; so, have renamed it.
     So, first of all, the algorithm is strictly adherent to the 2015 AHA guidelines. The 2015 guidelines are the latest AHA recommendations with the next changes planned for 2020. The steps followed are the same but with some additions in a few of the fact boxes. What's different about the NR Survival Card, then? Some editing of wording mostly: less jargon, words we use in everyday practice, a few additions that show more extensive management. For instance:
  • Saturations are "sats" not SpO2s.
  • 'Yes' is simply '+' and 'No' is '-'.
  • Checks are simply noted as "             "
  • Boxes no longer have gradient coloring that can make reading more difficult and the colors are also different  to make our algorithm more easily differentiated from NRP's.
  • 'Open  airway' is clearer than 'position airway' since 'keeping the airway open' is the point.
  • The use of  NIPPV is becoming much more common and generally used; so was added.
  • Debriefing is  great  but sometimes isn't possible...at all; so, 'if time permits' was better.