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The Neonatal Resuscitation Survival Card is a quick reference and review card for salient features of resuscitation. Its algorithm is strictly based on the 2015 AHA guidelines but has been edited to improve clarity and ease of use. Since NRP stands for neonatal resuscitation program, this card was renamed to avoid the mistaken impression that it is part of the program. BUT, it is exactly the same procedure with strict adherence to the 2015 AHA guidelines.  The author, Dr. Marshall Dressel, MA, MD, SFS, COL, MC, US Army (Ret.) has long believed that we should "train as we practice." So, his editing is as follows :
  • Besides use for quick reference and review, this card is meant to be a training aid. Accordingly, each box is numbered for easy reference and review, e.g. a student can easily indicate any particular box of the algorithm for questions
  • "Saturations" are "sats." No one calls them SpO2s.
  • Toward greater simplicity, '+' and '-' signs are substituted for 'yes' and 'no.'
  • If there is some nuance of care that has become widely used, it has been added, e.g. NIPPV has been added to box #14 (which just goes to emphasize that numbering the boxes is very helpful).
  • ER nurses or EMTs will tell you, Epi is given IO as well as IV. And knowing dosage frequency is a useful addition that easily fits in the box.